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Nigel’s journey with Chinese culture began many years ago, and from the moment he first encountered it, he was deeply captivated by its profound and rich traditions. The elegance and depth of Chinese culture left a lasting impression on him, inspiring a lifelong passion for its various art forms. Over the years, Nigel immersed himself in the study of Chinese music, calligraphy, and painting, gaining a deep appreciation and understanding of these disciplines. Though he never delved deeply into the intricacies of Chinese chess, his dedication to mastering the other arts has allowed him to develop a comprehensive and nuanced appreciation for Chinese culture. This journey has not only enriched his own life but also enabled him to share the beauty and wisdom of Chinese traditions with others.

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Every ink painting tells a story, capturing moments of Nelson, a small city filled with diverse, charming, warm, and nostalgic scenes. Each brushstroke records a unique snapshot of the city’s life, preserving its enchanting essence and the heartfelt memories of its residents. These paintings are more than just art; they are a timeless collection of cherished moments that reflect the soul of Nelson and its captivating beauty.


Accumsan id imperdiet et, porttitor at sem.